The Benefits of Outdoors

Ad”Venture” in The Woods (Finchley)

Outdoor play benefits our children immensely, and when you throw in some fun activities, outside is the very best place for our kids to experience the freedom to run, skip, jump, shout and explore. There are many important and positive aspects linked to outdoor adventures for children.

  • Develop important Social Skills
  • Increase Physical Fitness
  • Prevent illness
  • Reduce childhood stress
  • Improve attention span
  • Environmental awareness
  • Cognitive benefits
  • Improve vision

Children love being outdoors. This natural environment offers them the freedom that is not available indoors. Outdoor play can positively impact on their development and motor skills, motivates them and keeps them absorbed and interested with a definite improvement in their learning attitudes. Being outside in the fresh air will certainly help to blow away the cobwebs, and help your child to eat and sleep well.

Children naturally have a basic need to be active and to have physical exercise, to challenge their whole bodies, which is much easier for them when outside in the sunshine and fresh air.  Our Venture into the Woods activities help young people to discover what they are capable of and learn more about themselves. They learn to build trust with friends when working as a team, and to increase their self-esteem.

Lack of time spent outdoors

Years ago, many of us spent our childhoods outside playing until the sun went down yet many young people today don’t experience these events. Children spend increasing amounts of time indoors, with the rising popularity of electronics, gaming and television. Children need to have lengthy periods of exposure to nature for beneficial, healthy development.

On a Venture into the Woods adventure, a child will try new experiences, and discover things about themselves that they may not have known before.  An outdoor adventure can bring challenges, achievements and understanding. When kids play outside, you see huge smiles and their faces light up as they enjoy the fun and excitement.