Our Adventure Parties

Our Adventure Parties

Planning and preparing for any child’s party is always a difficult thing to arrange. Where is the location? What will the cost be? Who to invite?  Celebrating special birthdays with your children can be exciting and wonderful, but of course, can also be irritating and difficult. The last thing you need on this special day is a stressed-out parent!  Also bear in mind how tricky it is to come up with an exciting idea for your child’s party, something different to the norm, a theme that’s not been chosen by all the other mums and dads.  (If, you have a theme then please feel free to discuss it)

So why not try a Venture into the Woods adventure party? It’s a safe and fun activity, which children of most ages will enjoy. We might have to remind dad of course, that it’s not his party, although we do allow parents to come and oversee things and request that 1 parent stays for every 12 kids

What to expect from an Outdoot Childens party

Highly trained, insured and fun instructors supervise all of our children’s adventure parties, and are always on hand should they need to offer reassurance to any participants. Our varied activities depend on the ages and abilities of the kids taking part, which we will discuss with you beforehand.  During each party, which last around 2 hours, we cover around 5-6 different activities and active games. These may include things like building a shelter, making bow and arrows, basic wood carving (whittling), slack line and if weather conditions allow, we may light a small camp fire. This is done after a full risk assessment, is lit off the ground and we ensure that no damage is done to the surrounding woodland area.   Here at Venture in the Wood Outdoor Parties we leave nothing but our footprints

Outdoor woodland location

Our locations vary depending where we are travelling to, but Coppets Wood is a favourite.  However, we would advise you of any other setting well in advance. We bring everything need to run the party including tarpaulins to use in case of rain showers, and we ask that if it rains, the children wear coats and welly boots. Of course, the final decision to go ahead in poor weather is always down to the parents’ choice, but we tend to find that the kids love playing outdoors in the rain!

What do you have to supply?

Venture into the Woods will provide everything including marshmallows, bananas and chocolate.  We do request that all other party food, drinks and a birthday cake is supplied by the.   The children love cooking over an open fire, or a small gas camping stove, so hotdogs are good, or precooked sausages that require heating up can be placed onto wooden skewers. We will usually finish up with toasted Marshmallows and Chocolate bananas

Charges and further details

Our costs are based on a party of up to 15 children and are approx. £225 (depending on travel) for up to 2 hours of supervised adventures and play. We ask for a deposit when you make the booking, and the balance to be paid on the day of the party. We welcome any age groups, school outings, youth groups, brownie or cub packs, and of course, birthday parties. Parents, Grandparents and Group Leaders are welcome to stay, but we ask that you remain at a distance from our party group, to allow the children space to interact and socialise with each other.

Our Woodland Adventure packages are something completely different, from being outdoors in an amazing setting, to our exciting activities, even our slightly crazy and very friendly instructors. We are confident that your child will have an amazing day with us!

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to make a booking.

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