Indoor Crazy Olympics Party

Our Crazy Olympic Theme Parties Provide Sport, Competition and Wacky games

If your child is not into things like Den Building and mud but is very sporty then why not have a Crazy Olympic Theme party.  Our Crazy Olympic parties will be held at out hut in Sheldon Ave (although we can hold in the local park, field o a large garden).  Like all our parties we guarantee it will be great fun

The party members will be split into teams and have a series of Olympic events that the children can do;

Whilst the crazy and wacky Olympic events will vary according to the party they may include such things

  • Cat and Mouse with a parachute
  • Target shooting using nerf guns
  • Crazy “safe” Shotput
  • Silly Sync Swimming
  • Balloon Volleyball
  • Hilarious Hula
  • Whacky races
  • And more

The party will last approximately 2 hours